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Connecting brands to people.

The company was founded in 2007 and since then we have helped thousands of our clients reach their goals in the online world. Whether you need a brand new site, or upgrading your current one we can discuss your vision and build a custom website that perfectly matches your requirements. Our team of experienced and skilled professionals can craft digital solutions that work brilliantly, deliver amazing user experience and also look great.

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Our Birth

Sean’s Studio has been around for more than 10 years, and since 2007 we’ve helped hundreds of customers grow their businesses.

Our team members are HubSpot, WordPress, Google and Constant Contact certified, and we’re leading partners with each. With HubSpot, we’re Platinum-tier Partners, which puts us in the top 1% of partners worldwide.

Our Passion is being collaboractive in our clients’ success and growth. We get excited about looking at a problem, solving it, and seeing results over months and years. We will succeed because our clients succeed. We’ve built our family around 5 core values: Integrity, Fun, Education, Creative Solutions and Delivering Excellence.

Above all, we value authenticity and transparency. To us, they’re not just buzzwords to put on an about page. We genuinely want you to achieve your goals. We want you to know the exact why, what, where, when and how of our process. That’s why everything we do starts from a Strategic Game Plan that identifies your marketing personas, core business goals, and realistic tactics to get you on the right path. Our clients are involved in every step of the web development process and have complete control over their accounts, including websites, marketing assets and tactics.


4 Years Later

Sean’s Studio LLC is officially registered as a business in California. We start working with businesses to build HTML websites out of Los Angeles, California. In its first business plan, the company outlines its strategic advantage as the willingness to create websites its clients can easily maintain.


Primary Skills

Photoshop, HTML, CSS, JS, Php, MySQL

Sean’s Studio is named Small Business of the Year by TwinWest Chamber of Commerce


Our Business Plan

Concurrent with graduating with an MBA in Venture Management (Entrepreneurship) at the Los Angeles University, Sean’ Studio revises its business plan and focuses on slightly larger companies. We begin marketing consultation in addition to web design.

Sean’s Studio redesigns its branding and website, including a new mascot and some catchy slogans

Sean’s Studio tries its hand with Flash Development. The client site featured a series of buttons on a splash page that made a “drip” sound when you clicked on them and radiated concentric rings, like a pebble in a pond. Groundbreaking!



Sean’s Studio again redesigns its site, this time using the relatively new WordPress framework. First blog post: “On Funding a Startup.”

Sean’s Studio designs its first WordPress theme, entering the world of fully custom WordPress design.

After a series of contractors, Sean’s Studio hires its first employee, a director of development.

Sean’s Studio hires its first Sales Rep, and begins working with an additional contractor, future Director of User Experience Andy Wojtowski.

February 2013

Sean’s Studio creates a website over a weekend for Prince. The site features an audio clip of a “Shhhh” and allows fans to download tracks and music videos directly to their computers.

April 2013

The Sean’s Studio logo and mascot are officially registered as Trademarks.

June 2013

Sean’s Studio contracts with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) to take over all WordPress websites for the organization’s 88 chapters around the world. Sean’s Studio had previously consulted with IABC on IT-related concerns and WordPress maintenance.
Sean’s Studio hires senior developer James Russel.


Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars

March 2014

Sean’s Studio becomes a Constant Contact Solution Provider, and Sean becomes an Authorized Local Expert (ALE) speaker on behalf of the organization. Sean’s Studio will go on to deliver more than 100 talks across the Midwest as part of the program.

April 2015

Sean’s Studio becomes a certified Google Partner, and begins delivering training and services to local businesses on behalf of the program.

May 2016

Sean Bell is named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Twin West Chamber of Commerce.

March 2017

Became HubSpot Partners.

September 2017

Sean Bell became a speaker for Google and we became a Google City Partner.

May 2018

Sean Bell presents at his first Digital Summit in Kansas City, MO. His talk covers marketing automation tips.

September 2018

Sean Bell joins Google as a contracted Speaker and Trainer, and starts training business owners across the country on how to grow their businesses online through the Grow With Google program. As part of the program, Sean has visited 12 states and has delivered training and education to more than 50 groups.

December 2018

Sean’s Studio advances to the Silver partner tier in HubSpot’s partner program

Sean;s Studio expands it’s business to Portland.

June 2019

Sean’s Studio advances to the Gold partner tier in HubSpot’s partner program

February 2020

Sean’s Studio advances to the Platinum partner tier in HubSpot’s partner program

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